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Our qualified tutors can help your child no matter how far they plan to go! We are here to be a stepping stone to open the best opportunities for your child's future success. We believe in making big plans for the future!

Trusted Tutors

Every tutor goes through a rigorous testing period where we can determine if not only they can teach the subject at the highest level possible, but if they can inspire and motivate your child as well.

Personalized Lessons

With over 8 years of tutoring under our belt, creating the roadmap for your child comes naturally to us! Our trusted student-athlete tutors will create a plan tailored just for you and your child.

Premium Service

We take education seriously and no one at TutorPrince is left behind. Our student-athlete tutors, as mentors and academic guides, will do everything possible to help your child achieve their goals on and off the court and field.


Kyle Stewart

The Front Line

The dedicated student athletes that are bettering the future generations to come!


Uchenna Ofoha


Kristine Yan


TutorPrince as the 2016 Summer Company Award Winner for the City of Markham presented by mayor Frank Scarpitti.

TutorPrince as the 2019 Starter Company Plus Winner for the City of Markham presented by mayor Frank Scarpitti.

*Award accepted on behalf of Uchenna Ofoha*

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