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High School Preparation Program 

What We Do

Graduating into high school is a major milestone for students. With this milestone comes a lot of stress and excitement. TutorPrince has created a high school preparation program that gets your child focused and ready for what’s ahead in high school. Focusing on the fundamentals, we start to expand and touch on certain teaching methods children will find throughout their high school career. Our certified tutors want your child to feel confident going into a new environment and with the right skill set, they’ll feel just that.

What You Can Expect

Our high school preparation program is targeted for those in grade 8 that are graduating in high school. The program allows for students to set up their foundation for the subjects to come in their first year of high school. We build on top of what they already know and make their skill set stronger and their confidence higher. 

Setting Up A Program Right For Your Child

Once you have received your free consultation, we pair your child with a tutor whom we see best fits in order to get your child prepared for high school. We customize the specialized package to fit the needs of you and your child. 

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