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Student-Athletes Program

What We Do

The student-athlete program has been created from the ground up by the founder of TutorPrince. Here we understand the importance of excelling in other areas of the school such as athletics. We specialize in building programs for student-athletes to further their academics while becoming the best athlete they can be. With athletics on the side of the school, managing both can sometimes be hard especially as your child continues on to higher grades. There is no need to stop playing the sport they love because, at TutorPrince, we can help you accomplish both. 

Our Student-Athlete program focuses on those who are participating in a sport and going to school. This program is tailored to your child with a focus on time management, goal setting, and organization. We feel that these are important areas when trying to balance school and athletics so we have made sure to include them in this program specifically. 

What The Program Consists Of

Time Management Skill Development

Goal Setting Skill Development

Leadership Skill Development

Conflict Resolution

Student-Athlete Tutor

Q & A (Ask us about the student-athlete life at a higher level)


As well as anything in the Standard Tutoring!

Once you have received your free consultation, we will pair your child with a tutor who has also done both school and athletics at the same time. This allows for a more personalized approach to your child's package.

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What You Can Expect
Setting Up A Program Right For Your Child
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